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Re: What do you do when someone sells you a bad item?

What about if someone sells a dipe that repels terribly? Should this be mentioned when reselling used diapers? (Or selling ones that you messed up yourself? Don't know which is the situation.) Just wondering how I should leave feedback on the following situation:

I bought (on Ebay, not DS) some FB's that repel badly and I've now bought 1) Sensiclean 2) washing soda 3) Dawn and 4) RLR in attempts to fix them - they have cost me a lot more than I paid, kwim? (I haven't done the RLR yet, wish me luck - I've tried all the rest, plus all the standard stripping techniques, without success). If I can't fix them, I intend to try to resell - with full disclosure, in case someone out there thinks that they would have better luck. Of course, it's possible that the mama who sold them also bought them used and then just decided that they "didn't work" for her without knowing enough to realize why.

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