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Re: Questions about TTC?

IMHO, I would just try without for a few cycles.

People who try to hard to get preggo tend to not get preggo easily. People who stress about getting preggo, normally take longer to get preggo!

It always seems like I hear stories of couples who are trying so hard...month after month they are dissapointed....and then they decide to take a break and BAM they end up preggo.

Anyways...if it were ME I would just not worry about ovulation strips yet...Starting a week or so after your period start DTD every other day...go until a week or so before your period is due...(or go the entire month if you wish )

Also, if you want to try for a girl...I would think ovulation strips wouldnt be a good idea...?? I guess I dont know a ton about them...but they say if you are ovulating or not? If you want to TTC for a girl the method that I really believe in (its worked for us twice) is girl sperm swim slower but live longer and boy sperm swim faster but die sooner. Of course this isnt 100% but, I think its your best shot of picking your gender. So you want those girlie sperm up there ready to GO when that egg is released!

I think charting would be a better option for you. You can see approx where in your cycle you ovulate (most people its 14 days before your period) and you can DTD a day or two before.

Anyways, just my
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