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Snap Conversions & Elastic replacement! Converting all Brands, great prices!!

I am currently open to Snap conversions and Elastic Replacements for May slots
For full details please visit my website Convert My Diapers

You are more than welcome to go through my site or on here! Either one works for me

Stay up to date with coupons, drawings, and incentives Visit our facebook page regularly Convert My Diapers

For more information on conversions or elastic repair please pm me or visit my site. When you are ready to sign up for a date, you can pm me with the date you want to ship and your email. Or you can sign up for a slot on my website
**I now have an exact match for all bg colors!
Snap Choices - post #2
Status of current orders and openings - post # 3
To see my work - Post #4
Current completion time per order is about 5-8 business days from date arrived. I try to get them done faster, but give the longer time frame to be safe. Larger orders, may be a little longer. Please contact me for an actual time

I post my slots for shipping days- this would be the day you ship your diapers to me, that way you are not shipping to me waiting for weeks for me to get them done and ship them back. You get to pick a day that is best for you to ship and that way you get to continue to use your diapers until I am ready to convert them. This makes my turnaround time much faster and your not stuck with sposies while your waiting See post #3 of this thread for current slot openings

To see my work see post # 4

*You are able to pick your snap color, if no snap preference then I will match color of the diaper
*Bumgenius conversions have 2 rows 10 snaps each row (like the organics)

Here are my current prices
If you donít see the diaper listed please contact me. I may have forgot to add it to the list. Also, if there is a Wahm diaper or other brand, you want converted let me know I havenít found a diaper yet that I couldnít convert

Pocket Diapers Price

Most Pocket Diapers $3.99
Bumgenius One size $3.99
Swaddlebees $ 3.99
Blueberrys $3.99
Drybees $3.99
Happy Heinys OS $ 4.50 (includes overlapping snaps on tabs)
Mommys touch OS $ 4.50 (includes overlapping snaps on tabs)
Kawaii Pockets $ 4.50 (includes pul backing needed)
Softbums Pockets $ 4.50 (includes pul backing needed)

All in One Diapers Price
BumGenius Organic One-Size $3.99 (I do hidden snaps)
Thirsties All-in-One - $3.99
Mommyís Touch All-in-One- $4.50 (incds. overlapping snap on tabs)
BumGenius All-in-Ones (3.0ís)- $3.99
BumGenius All-in-Ones (1.0 & 2.0ís)- $3.99 (I do hidden snaps)
Monkey Doodles All-in-Ones - $3.99 (Hidden Snaps)
Wahm AIOís (needing hidden snaps - $3.99

* I do hidden snaps on all diaper with the exception of some fitteds that dont need hidden

Covers Price

Thirsties Covers- $ 3.99 (includes pul backing needed)
Bummis Super Whisper Wraps- $3.99
SwaddleBees/ Blueberries Covers - $3.99
Wahm Covers (price could differ but mostly- $3.99
Diaperaps Cover- $3.99
Wahm Covers- $3.99

Al2ís / Snap - ins

Gdiapers- $ 3.99 (one row) (hidden snaps)
Grobabies- $ 3.99 (one row) hidden snaps
Wahm AI2ís- $ 3.99
bumware $3.99 (recommend adding pul backing)

Fitteds Price

Thirsties Fitteds- $3.99 (hidded snaps)
Wahm Fitteds- $3.99

Extras/add-ons Price

Painted or Engraved Snap Caps- $ .25
Star Shaped Snap Caps- $ .50
Pul backing for covers or just extra- $ .50
One-Size fold over snap option for tabs (ex. HH, MT, BSRB)- $ .50
Extra snaps on the tab besides the 2 or OS option- $ .25

Discounts Amount

Velcro, stitch, and thread removed prior to shipping- - $ .50 off per diaper, $.25 on gdiaps and grobaby
1 row of snaps instead of 2 rows (does not cound on gdiapers)- - $ .35 off per diaper (unless it is gdiap or grobaby discount is already applied

Repairs Price

Broken or cracked snaps (1.00 per diaper base price) .20 per additional snap

*If more than half the snaps have to be replaced and I need to remove the prior snaps then I charge a flat rate of 5.00 to remove and repair the snaps

Elastic Replacement
Grovia AIO's ( Legs $3.99)
Charlie Banana's We replace bra strap elastic with regular elastics. If you already have a button hole elastic you can choose to replace it with another.
1 Leg - $2.25 (I recommend getting both legs so they are even tightness
2 Legs - $3.75
2 Legs + Waist - $4.99
1 waist = 2.25
I do offer a 10% discount on the diapers that are recieving snap conversions and elastic replacement. Discount amount only applies to diapers recieving both.

Currently we are not doing:
Diapers with a surged edge ( some we can do, check with me)
If you have diapers that have had the elastic sewn in all the way down the center, all we can do is add new elastic. Some Smart Bottoms, Fuzzibunz,Lalabye Baby and some of Nickis Diapers have some of these elastics.

The prices above pay for the cost of snaps and labor,you will need to pay for shipping both ways, I have noticed shipping prices are not bad at all because you dont have to send the whole diaper, just the pocket, or shell of the diaper so they are a lot lighter

If you have a different brand let me know, I can convert them too.

If you have any questions, special requests, or would like a slot please pm me!.

Thanks mama's for supporting my business and keeping my home with my little ones!
Sick of velcro, wanting to convert your diapers to snaps? Also offering elastic replacementCONVERT MY DIAPERS

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