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Arawyn's Garden Crochet! Shorties, Longies, custom, YYMH, toys and more

I decided it was time to create a new thread combining all of my old WAHM threads. I am the wahm behind Arawyn's Garden Crochet. I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mama of two boys. And in my spare time ( ) I like to crochet. I quickly found that our house was being totally overwhelmed by my crochet projects. So some friends and my dh encouraged me to offer up my crocheted goodies and services. Mostly I make longies, shorties and all kinds of crocheted toys. I also make hats, and other other goodies. If I don't have something listed feel free to ask me about it, I love a good challenge.

I'm offering up some already made longies/shorties as well as custom slots. I do not have a lot of yarn on hand. I have some scraps I can make scrappies/potluck longies with, and I can get paton's or lion brand wool. I am also open for YYMH custom slots. You can either send me yarn you have, or order yarn and send it to me to work up for you. I try to keep my turn around times to no more than 2 weeks. I am also happy to do custom hats, bags and toys. I have some already made up, but I have a lot of fun and plain acrylic, cotton and mix fiber yarns on hand. I have a bit of a yarn addiction it seems.

All items come from a smoke free, pet loving home. I do not pre-wash or lanolize longies/shorties. All prices include shipping unless otherwise stated.

And raves

You can veiw all of my crochet work here

Ready to go woolies,

Boyish Longies Medium Waist/Hips 16-18, Rise 18, Inseam 9, Rainbow wool, in waters colorway. They will need lanolized before use. $32ppd

Purple and teal shorties. These are larges. W19, H21, R18 They are made from a bulky weight yarn. It is a bit coarse but should soften with lanolizing. They would be perfect for overnight wear, they should be bullet proof. The yarn was dyed using koolaide. $17ppd

Something new I am trying. Longies with pullstring sides so they can be adjusted to capris or even shorties. This is my first pair so I'm offering a discount on them. These would be perfect for wear now and on into winter. They are made from lion brand yarn. W18, H20, R18, I 9.5 and adjustable. $30ppd SOLD

Ready to wear hats

These are both made in 100% wool yarn. I believe it is lion brand Bolero yarn. It is a soft thick thin textured yarn. They are both toddler sized, fitting a child around age 2-6, depending on head size. This is the size both of my boys wear.

First hat. It is green, yellow, navy and a reddish pink. In my opinion this could be gender neutral, though it may lean a bit towards the girlie side. The picture doesn't show the colors very well. It is a beanie style hat. $7ppd

The colors really don't show well in this but it is a lovely autum colorway. Very gn, rust, oranges, golds and brown. Again a beanie style. $7ppd

YYMH pricing
Prices are
S M L $15ppd ($3 extra for XL or embellishments like ruffles or pockets)
S M L $20ppd ($5 extra for XL, $3 extra for embellishments)
S M L $22ppd ($3 extra for XL or ebellishments, extra long or extra full skirt or bloomers ect $5extra for skirty over longies)

I can also do hats

Hats YYMH would be $7ppd for babies and children, $10ppd for adults. OR I can provide the yarn if you don't mind acrylic for $10ppd for kids and $13ppd for adults

I can provide (at cost) paton's or lion brand yarn from my local yarn shop, or I do have two skeins of black and red purewool.

And my favorite Amigurumis!!!!! Fun and funky friends for babies and toddlers. The majority of my amigurumis are baby safe with embroidered faces. I can use safety eyes or button eyes but those are not recomended for babies or young toddlers.

Bitty Bat, black and orange. 7inches from wing to wing. $8ppd

Little snail 4inches tall including shell. $10ppd

Jelly Fish, rainbow yarn. 8 tentacles of varying size. 5.5inch diameter. $8ppd

Wool donut. 3inch diameter and 8.75 inch circumfrence. $5ppd

Squishes!!! These are a real hit at our house. They are so simple but my boys love them. They can be used as soft balls for indoor games, or as special loveys.

1 multi color in angel hair fuzzy yarn. 13.5 circumfrence. $10ppd

1 multi color in angel hair yarn, 2 antennas. 14inch circumfrence $10ppd

1 multi color in angel hair yarn. 1 antenna knotted. 13.5 circumfrence $10ppd

1 in blue chenile yarn. 16inch circumfrence. $10ppd

Blue Chenile octopus 7 inch tentacle diameter, 3 inches tall. $10ppd

Red & Black Monster, 8inches tall including horns $15ppd SOLD

Pink Bug ami 8inches tall without antennas $15ppd SOLD

Spring Pixie, her little skirt is removable. Not ideal for a baby, but you could remove her decorative rose and take off the skirt to make her totally baby safe. 16inches tall $20ppd

Unicorn, 8inches tall and 6 inches from nose to tail. Her mane and tail are handrooted. $20ppd SOLD

Stacking cubes set. Large 3.5 inches, has bell inside, Medium is 3inches, Small is 2.5 inches and has a squeaker inside. $15ppd for set

Sock monkey, made with all cotton yarn, baby safe. $20ppd SOLD

Eel, made of wool yarn, also baby safe. $15ppd

some previous work examples

I would be open for trades for
Amazon or Half Price Books gift cards
Fun plugs for my ears gauge 2 or 0
Crochet stuff, yep I'm "hooked" (sorry bad pun)
Calico Critters
Hello Kitty (try me, Tharen is obsessed)
Kingdom Hearts (try me, Kearnan is obsessed)
mama cloth for me
My kids are out of diapers but try me on other things
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Crocheted longies/shorties, toys and more see samples Arawyn's Garden Crochet

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