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Re: What To look for in a baby carrier

For ring slings, please only get ones that are wide enough. If it's so narrow that it can't be spread out to cover from the bottom of the knees to the top of the neck of a big baby/toddler than it's too narrow. Also, check to make sure that the rings used are not craft or welded rings. These are not sturdy enough to carry a child and can be dangerous to use for this purpose. Also, if the maker does not know how to wear the carrier properly in the pictures of the slings, don't buy from her! As she most likely has no idea what she's doing and the design is probably faulty. Always check for third party reviews of the slings.

Just please be careful when purchasing slings. There are a lot of WAHMs making slings that are faulty in design and unsafe to use. Lots making great ones too, so seek those out.
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