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Re: PIOG - Need any advice I can get

OMG. I felt EXACTLY the same way when i was pg with DS !!!!! exactly!! .. i could have written that post.

it is totally normal and lots of women feel this way!! i have talked to a LOT of women who have tandem nursed and several of them have described this creepy crawly icky feeling, the wanting to just push the older nursling off, wanting to just get away. 100% normal while pregnant. do not feel bad for 1 second.

now that i got that out of the way -- my DD was the same way, always co-slept, nursed on demand etc. she was still nursing 5-8 times a day/night when i got pg with DS - she was 17 months old.. the feeling you're describing started at about 10 weeks for me, my milk dried up..

I decided ic ouldn't stand it anymore, i night weaned .. and morning weaned.. all at once. I told DD that the milk went 'nite nite' .. it had to sleep. and I nursed her to sleep and then if she woke up, i told her the milk was sleeping. she got REALLY mad, and she cried - but she understood that she wasn't alone - she wasn't scared - i held her or DH held her and she went back to sleep.. it took 2 or 3 nights of her waking up at her normal times and getting upset for her to stop getting upset, we still let her come to our bed when she woke up (she was in her own bed for bedtime) and she could cuddle or have a drink of water but no milk . seriously, 2-3 nights and she was sleeping through the night most of the time and when she did wake up and come to our room, that was fine.. she would go right back to sleep, usually cuddling with DH .. I also had to get out of bed before her so she wouldn't get upset about not getting to nurse in the AM ..

the creepy-crawly 'get off me' thing got better once DS was a few weeks old, but it was replaced with other not-so-great feelings..but we tandem nursed (only for bed time) for 11 months until she self weaned at 37 mo. and i'm really glad i did that for her.. I wanted to get to 2 yrs, that was my goal - and once i got there i was already 32weeks so i figured i'd made it that far, i wanted to see what tandem nursing was like.. short term goals are good
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