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Re: PIOG - Need any advice I can get

Wow, I don't know why, but I'm actually surprised this is a common feeling! Lol.

I just felt like such a horrible human being because like was stated, I literally wanted to just throw her off me or whack her! And I am NOT that kind of person at all.

It makes me feel a lot better knwoing it's a normal feeling, and that it's probably caused by being preggo.

I read Dr. Jay Gordon's write up on night weaning, and also did some thinking on my own. I think I have a game plan set up. I'm sure she'll flip out for a day or so, but in the words of Dr. Sears "Remember, crying and fussing in the arms of a loving parent is not the same as "crying it out.""

Thank you all for your replies so far, and I'm open to anything else someone may want to add!
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