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Re: I want to bf for over 1 year with my next....

Yeah, you'll get them from naive uneducated people. When I got pregnant, I didn't even relize breastfeeding was an option, and now here I am 19 months later and still going strong. One year rolled around and of course people ask me are you going to wean. You do what is right for you and your child. I usually tell people the statistics, like the world wide age of weaning, and things like the WHO recommends a minimum, not max, of at least 2 years, and that the APP recommends a minimum, not mas of 1 year and AS LONG AS MUTUALLY DESIRED BY MOTHER AND CHILD. So why would anybody want to go agaist such highly recognized groups. And of course you can tell them about all the benifets of once you hit the two year mark how drastically it decreases cancer rates for the mother, why would anybody not want you lessing your chances, what kind of friend would not want that that?????

I really believe education is the key, so many people just don't relized all the benefits.
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