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Re: this is insane!!

Actually, I've read that you can't really test whether a dipe will repel by just dribbling water on it for a couple of reasons.
1. Urine has a different chemical makeup than water (different sized molecules) so it may be easier/harder for it to get through the fabric.
2. When the baby pees, the fabric is right up against their skin and they shoot a stream of pee through it...not quite the same thing as dropping a few drops on.

Maybe it's time to try the dipes on again and see if you're still having issues with them in action. I know that I've never had any problem with any of my diapers in use, but any time I've tried to just drop some water on them, it sits there in a bead for a minute before soaking in. All different diapers and different fabrics have always done the same but they all work fine on the booty.
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