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Re: Do you think it is tacky...

Well, I may get lots of correction on this but my 2 year old was always in his sposie bc our we only have a swamp cooler and we didn't have an air conditioner in the car so I always kept him in the diaper bc it was too hot for anything else. We are talking 109 with 50% humidity! I never really liked doing it but that was better than him getting heat stroke. Now we have anair conditioner but before we did, on the few hotter days we have had I took the twins out in just their cloth diapers. Now I dress them bc of the air being in the car but not usually at home bc we still don't have central air. Well that is the case for us. I didn't like taking them out in just diapers but I ad to do what I had to do to keep them from getting sick in the heat so next time you see a baby in the summer that isn't dressed think about what I said before you think they are ghetto. Even though we live in one now due to money restrictions, my husband and I were not raised with the ghetto mentality at all. We both come from hard working middle class American homes. My mom is the Administrative Assistant to the U.S. Attorney in a city in Iowa, one of the top in her field, and my dad is a middle school teacher in Texas. My husband's dad is a Vietnam veteran and his mom owns her own trucking company. You definitely can't judge a book by it's cover!!
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