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Re: Questions about TTC?

I would definitely check out WebMDs ovulation calendar - it's like fertility friend charting and you can register for free PLUS it has tips from trying for a girl vs boy. I'm not sure how long that info sticks around though, so you might make notes on it the first go round just in case. Check it out here:

I, personally used the clear blue LH tests for my first pregnancy. I think I only used them for 2 cycles before we conceived. I think it depends on your personality whether you stress yourself out trying or not. I found it more stressful when I was just guessing as to what was going on with my body. Tracking my LH surge lent me encouragement that everything in my body was working the way it should be. So I think it helped my efforts. But I also kept in mind on average I might expect to wait a whole year before I got PG and that was pretty normal for some folks. But it only took 3 cycles.

I started testing for an LH surge around day 10 of my cycle (around 4 pm) and stopped once I detected it. Like fuzzi fannies creations above said, is a totally awesome resource for more info. I would def. check it out.

I also know couples who have stressed out trying too hard and got pg once they gave up. So it is definitely good to keep that in mind. But if you're like me, the more info you have in hand the more relaxed you'll feel about how everything is going. BEWARE tho - I think it is harder to try for girls than boys and you will have to be BD days before you see that LH surge. So it may take you a few cycles just to see about when you can expect your body to ovulate if you want a really good effort at a girl.

Good luck!
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