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Re: this is insane!!

Originally Posted by bfoster2000
Actually, I've read that you can't really test whether a dipe will repel by just dribbling water on it for a couple of reasons.
1. Urine has a different chemical makeup than water (different sized molecules) so it may be easier/harder for it to get through the fabric.
2. When the baby pees, the fabric is right up against their skin and they shoot a stream of pee through it...not quite the same thing as dropping a few drops on.

Maybe it's time to try the dipes on again and see if you're still having issues with them in action. I know that I've never had any problem with any of my diapers in use, but any time I've tried to just drop some water on them, it sits there in a bead for a minute before soaking in. All different diapers and different fabrics have always done the same but they all work fine on the booty.
ahhhh... just what i needed to hear. this is the last wash cycle for those poor diapers. if they weren't pilly before they sure are now!
maybe all the washing is making them super soft!
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