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Re: Questions about TTC?

I personally NEVER got a positive OPK when I was using them, LOL. I found charting to be much more clear to use - easier to understand. I don't really suggest the saliva microscope thingies either...I tried using them when TTC my son and I never got a positive one with that either, LOL. I suggest to just use charting for awhile...a lot of people use OPKs WITH charting, also. So you could start charting and then start using OPKs. I agree with all the links up there, too. They can probably give you better info than I can type out, LOL.
Oh, and the methods they suggest for trying for a certain sex didn't work for me, LOL. I wasn't TRYING for a boy but according to my chart that's what I was supposed to get. I'm not anywhere close, LOL. I generally say (when people are trying for a certain sex) that it just depends on what your DH or SO gets up there, LOL. Sometimes no matter WHEN you bd it's not going to make a difference.
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