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Re: "Depends" for first couple days postpartum?

I had a homebirth, and had a package of Depends I was so excited to use.

HATED them. I don't think they are meant to absorb something as thick as blood. The blood just sits on top and pools... Also, there is a crease in the crotch where they are folded, and the blood pools in the crease and overflows out to the sides.
It's hard to change them as much as you want to, because you have to take your bottoms off to pull them off, and to put knew ones one. When you pull them down, because of the elastic leg holes, it smears blood down your legs when you pull them off. I spent a lot of time feeling uncomfortable because I felt wet enough to want to change, but didn't want to go through the process of taking that BIG HUGE thing off (...and they filled up the garbage really fast)

Can you tell I hated them??

I preferred the Poise pads MUCH better. The suck the blood down into the pad much better, and they have a "rim" all around the pad to contain the gushes of blood (and they don't use wings which I HATE)

Just my "humble" opinion
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