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Re: Its happening too fast........

AWWW That is sad when we can see our babies turning from helpless little infants to babies who are gaining independance wahhhhhhh...My sons doctor would have pep talks with him saying he needed to stay a baby because he was in such a rush to be a He was able to do everything so flippin early he was never really a baby...rolled at 2 weeks on the doctors table, sat at 5 weeks, (never crawled)ALWAYS wanted to be standing here he is at 2 months with me having a light grasp on his jammies he is barely two months! cruised the furniture at 4 months stood unassited at 5months with steps and walked at 6 months (first one is 5 months 1 day second one is 6 months also started talking with three words phrases at 6 months! Talking paragraphs by 9 months and was potty trained at 14 months Makes me want to wrap my next one to be late at everything! people freak out when their babies don't walk till 18 months I am all for it! haha...I really want to expirience a Baby next time!
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