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Re: eczema and milk sensitivity - what now?

Originally Posted by keegans_mommy
my, almost 4 year old, son has terrible eczema and we cut out most dairy and his is manageable to almost non-existant!

He is on soy milk ONLY and if we have ice cream, he sometimes get's dairy but I try and keep soy ice cream available to him. We don't eat alot of cheeses or other diary products and just simply cutting out drinking milk really helped a ton!

Actually, my kids LOVE the chocolate Silk and I use the vanilla soy milk for my milk shakes. The protein is unbeatable!

You can do this! There are so many products available without milk in them. Don't go nuts! Just cut out the major source of dairy, like we did, and see if that helps. Don't go crazy looking for milk products in every label.
That's what we do too - we haven't had real dairy in our house in months! Mia's eczema is basically completely under control now. We do occasionally get ice cream or sometimes she'll get some cheese on pizza or something - and I know that she'll probably have a minor breakout when she does- but we use ehr cream and it goes away.

Going away from dairy is much easier than you'd think. We really prefer 8th Continent, but I can get a gallon and a half of Silk at Costco for 6.88 so we drink that cause it's sooo much cheaper!
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