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Re: Cravings?? LOL

I craved mini donuts with harper. Chocolate covered ones. With DS it was pickles and milk (not at the same time though)

This time around milk has been good....but I try not to drink to much (and for some reason I only drink it at my IL's and their fridge is warmer than ours because their milk tastes..WARM...or maybe cause we are used to organic and they dont drink organic? ) ANYWAYS I am going to buy some milk today and I just want to drink the whole carton (but I wont)

Another thing I cant stop eating is chinese....*drool* cept yesterday it wasnt as good....maybe thats the end of that craving?

I want tuna melts...*drool* its all I can think about right now...

I will find out next week what this baby is....I am at a loss...I knew with my DS and DD but this time...this baby is confuzzling me!
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