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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

Chicken soup:
canned chicken from sams/costco (I think it's 12oz? just shy of 1lb) (6/$10 = 1.67)
added to a wyler's soup mix in my crockpot for 4hrs. (3 dollars I believe?)
Homemade yeast rolls from a pillsbury mix, super quick and easy (I think a dollar, dollar fifty)

This makes enough food for 5-6 people IMHO, or if you have a 300lbs DH, 4 meals

Cheeseburger rice with bacon :
1lb of ground beef
1-2 cans of tomato "sauce" (the thin puree, I would use 2 6oz cans or 1 10oz)
1 package of onion soup mix
4-6c rice
6+ strips of bacon
cheese (I think the original recipe calls for like 6-8oz, but I use about half of a BIG block. I like cheese!)

Brown beef, season with onion soup mix and any additional seasonings (I like to splash in balsamic or wost, etc) and tomato. Original recipe called for tomato soup mix, but I really think this manner is better. you could easily add stewed tomatoes or diced and break them up a bit if you like tomato chunks!
add rice and cheese and stir until combined, then crumble in bacon you've precooked.
I like adding it to each plate, otherwise the bacon gets soggy.

Seriously, 4 HUNGRY adults ate about 2-3 helpings worth and there was still about half this left. I'm the eldest of 6 kids/8 adults who could polish off 3 packages of hamburger helper, rolls, and veg and still be hungry, and this would definately filled everyone up and possibly still have leftovers.
Freezes and reheats ok, but you loose the creamy/gooey cheesey thing (and bacon added will be soft not crispy...I like it crunchy!) but tastes pretty darn good. DH and my sis managed to polish the leftovers off pretty easy.

It's supposed to be a mock cheeseburger flavor, so you could do a salad with it, or add in veggies....
I actually half this recipe and still have leftovers usually!! (2 hungry adults and 1 toddler who eats more than I do!)

Cresent roll egg bake thingy:
(basically a quiche)

1 pkg of cresent rolls, layed down in a 9*13 pan
eggs (5 or so)
mixed with some milk (3/4c I believe)
cheese (any, I use colby jack for nearly everything so I have it onhand) approx 1-1.5c shredded

Sprinkle cheese over rolls layed flat in bottom of pad, add additional toppings and then pour egg mixture over.

Bake at 375 for 20 min.

Swiss and ham cubes is a good mixture
chedder and broccoli
plain cheese
black olives and bacon
sausage crumbles
baby spinich leaves

Etc etc. good for leftovers
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