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Re: If I am a site supporter, why am I seeing flat tummy adds?

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post

Note how the only ads I have on there are the ones for the specific forums? That's courtesy of Adblock Plus, an addon for a browser called Mozilla Firefox. If I really wanted to get fancy, I could block the individual forums ones too, but they are hand picked and hand approved by the mods/admins here, so I trust them to be ok. The ones that are either objectionable or cause serious slowdown or even allow viruses in are the ones served by third parties - probably the main cash generators for our beloved DS, but because they're not approved by our admins and are served by other people, they can be a problem.

How to block the ads yourself:

1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox - the link is above.

2. Use it to surf the web from now on. When you first load it, it should give you the option to import your favorites from IE. This will not harm IE at all, so others can still use it.

3. Download adblock plus. The option to browse Addons is on the tools menu at the top, and the third option down. When the second window opens, if Adblock Plus is not one of the options, click the link to browse all addons. It'll be one of the first ones on there - easily the hands down favorite addon for obvious reasons. You may have to restart either your computer, firefox or both to get the addon to install.

Once both are installed, enjoy being ad free! If ever you see an offensive ad that the blocker didn't get on it's own, or even a picture that you don't like, you can always right click on it and select the option to block it, never to see it again. It makes surfing the internet a MUCH more pleasant experience, and ups the security on your computer, as a good number of virus infestations come from poorly written or malicious ad serving code.
I already used Firefox so I just added the Adblock Plus and it seems to have worked!

Thank you!
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