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Re: Is this teething?

A great Mama recommended Hyland's teething tablets to us. (ds is only 3mo and I kept insisting he wasn't teething, but other moms kept telling me it made sense with all the changes and perhaps he's just "early")

ANYway, I read up on them and showed dh and he went to the pharmacy and asked her about them and the pharmacist agreed to try them

They homeopathic and dissolve VERY quickly in all the excess saliva. This a.m. he just would not settle so dh gave him two more. Within 30-45sec he settled and in 2min he was OUT.

The mama who gave me the tip is also an extended bf'er and found out recently that nursing lets off a trigger in baby's brain that is like a pain reliever. So you can try that too if you are bf.
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