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Re: I want to bf for over 1 year with my next....

my son is 15 months in a couple days, his dad had huge problems with it though hes known for years if i had a kid it would be bf... anyway, now he just doesnt like that i do it out, he says people dont need to see my boobs and other people dont do it out, and h eats normal food when were out so i dont need to, so just do it at least hes not ocmplaining about it totally, i thought hed be freaking out now that he still is but he doesnt comment anymore about him being bf, in fact if our son is mad, he tells me to just give him my boob and if hes just pinched me or something and i take it away, hand he gets mad, thomas will take it and give it back now!! :O
its the grossest thing in the world, and my boobs were only for him. well, see how thats changed??
some people will change their mind, and some wont, the ones that wont need to get over themselves cause boobs are for babies!! guys liking them is just a bonus!! and either way, just do it, its a wonderful thing for you and your child and nothings wrong with it!! its more right than anything !!
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