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Re: Questions about TTC?

my opks were barely pos with co-op ones so I used those along with some from Target. The Target brand are pretty cheap too - they were about $8 I think for a 7 pack if I remember right. I only used my Target ones when I was getting a close to as dark on my co-op test strips. this way I didn't waste the more expensive ones even though the Target ones are FAR cheaper than some of hte other brands and with the Target ones I definitely got a darker than line on my opk to show I was gearing up for O'ing. I did those along with charting with fertility friend and sure enough O'd when the OPK's said I would and we are preggo again due in Feb 07!

I can show you pics of my OPK's progressing if you want and comparing my co-op OPK to my Target OPK.
~ Christi ~
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