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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by mamakori View Post
My first son is circumcised. I did not want it, but my DH felt strongly about it, and at the time I decided to let him make the "penis decisions." It was the wrong choice and I cried about it for a long time. When DS #2 was born, we did not circumcise him. So far it has been a non-issue for us. The boys bathe together several times a week and my oldest has never noticed that his brother is different. I'm sure he will someday, but it's just not an issue for now. I can never undo my oldest son's genital mutilation, but it has helped having another son who does not have to deal with that. Anyway, I just wanted to throw it out there that you do not have to circumcise all boys in a family just because that's the decision you made the first time.

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Why you shouldn't circumcise your son
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