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Re: DESPERATE for help...

Originally Posted by KarenK View Post
Honey, it's okay to put him down for a little bit to take a break. Change his diaper, feed him, lay him somewhere safe with toys and soft music and step away for a few minutes to catch your breath, or take a super quick shower, or call someone for help. You will not damage him psychologically nor is it neglectful to let him cry for a few minutes. You could set up a play yard within view of where you are and talk to him while you clean up dishes- even if he is fussing. Attachment parenting or not, you need to be able to step away for a few minutes. Better to allow him to cry for a short bit than to reach a total breaking point for yourself.

Absolutely look into the potential health issues (teeth, ears, skin condition) and consider the babywearing but it's also not selfish to say, "I need a minute to catch my breath before I lose it." Some might disagree but that's my two bits.

Good luck and hugs to you. I know it's hard to feel so helpless.
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