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Re: DESPERATE for help...

Gosh, great advice. Check into the ear infection thing and the chiropractor. I agree with the PP about trying a MT. My dd goes through times when she just needs to be held and nothing else (although not for as long as your ds, poor thing) and wearing her in a carrier is the only thing that made it possible to function. I also want to give a huge rave for the teething tabs. I looooove them. So does my baby. She would actually stop crying when I'd get the little bottle out and she'll grab for the tabs from my hand.

I hope you both figure out how to deal with this! I'm also very sorry that your dh is adding to your stress by making you think about the housework you aren't doing. Your ds should come before a clean house! (but I do agree with pp that it's okay to set him down if you really can't take it anymore.)

Good luck, mama.
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