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Re: Tylenol....should we really use it for our kids/

I see nothing wrong with giving tylenol for pain as needed since some babies have a horrible time with teething pain. As long as your friend is using the right dosage and not going over the daily amount the baby will be fine. I would agree that motrin is MUCH better for teething pain but since the baby is only 5 mo old that isn't an option yet. Hylands did nothing for dd but then neither did tylenol. Hitting the 6 mo mark was a good day for us to help her out. DD just needed one dose at bed time (for the better part of a month since she kept getting tooth after tooth) and that is all I gave her. During the day she was content with a teether of some sort. But bedtime was a nightmare without medication of some sort for her. As in up every 20 min screaming and crying in obvious pain.
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