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Re: stinky pee

I think it's buildup on your inserts. I use Sport-Wash and still get the stinkies. We're on hard well water and it doesn't take much. I use bleach every so often but I find the stinkies come back sooner than I'd like soooooooo...........

I had the same problem going on today. Here's what I did..

1~cold rinse
Hot wash with Sport-Wash
Cold rinse

2~Ran another load but without the Sport-wash

3~After that I boiled the inserts for 15 minutes and run another wash without soap.

4~After that I rinsed them 2 more times!!

5~Threw them in the dryer and they smell AWESOME. My little guy did his thing in one and I couldn't even smell it unlike before.

Open up your washer when it aggitating and then stop it. If you notice bubbles, you have build up. Continue to do rinses until no bubbles appear from soap. The boiling really helped too.

Worked so far for me.

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