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Question Is it wrong to cd my daycare child?

So I have just started watching a little girl, J, who is turning 2 this month. She is darling and such a little cutie!! She apparently was not used to eating all the fruits and veggies we do so she developed the runs and has diaper rash. I was using the wipes her mom sent but she would cry when I wiped so I snuck and used some of my cloth stash I have for Lilly, she loved it. I used a cloth diaper to let her play outside and in the water and it helped clear up the rash a bit. But then I stuck her back in a sposie for nap time and she woke up with a rash again. I have about 6 larges here I have picked up for Lilly, should I just used them on J? Her mom has NO interest in cd'ing at home but didn't really have an issue when I told her I put one on her to play outside in or when I mentioned using the cloth wipes. I just don't know how someone not cd'ing would fel about the new nanny using cloth.
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