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Re: Nipple PAIN!!! Help!

I just had something similar happen to me this week.....I actually started noticing that my right boob was REALLLLLLY sore when he nursed....I just kind of thought that with all his new little teeth he was sucking different and his teeth must have been hitting my nipple wierd. Well, to make a long story short the soreness turned to pain and when I finally checked it out again it was like (and sorry for TMI) there was a cut...that was almost like a "hole" on my nipple.....YIKES! NO WONDER IT HURT!! Anyways...I would have NEVER noticed it without really looking....WIERD...I don't EVER remember him biting me?!? I dunno

THANK GOODNESS it is healing took about a got worse before getting better so HANG IN THERE!! In fact, it got so sore that my bra hurt to touch it~ It will get better!
(Thank God for little miracles)
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