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Re: Is it all in my head??

Girl, why haven't you tested?? I got a BFP on a First Response at 8-9dpo!! AF wasn't due for almost a week! I had a few symptoms (fatigue, sore boobs, peeing at night, dreams about being preggo) and that was before I even tested! I've always had symptoms before I've gotten a BFP. All my babies were conceived while on BC and I just KNEW something was up. With my last baby I had an IUD but it had expelled the previous month when I had a heavy AF and my drs office didn't see me. The weekend before I tested I had my son's b-day party and took a 3hr nap after everyone left. That is SO not like me! I also was dreaming that I was taking HPTs and they were +. I never wake up at night to pee and that has started that weekend as well. ALL before 8-9dpo! Sadly I've also seen lots of moms who are TTC have symptoms that are soooooo pregnancy symptoms. I don't wanna tell you that you're definatly pregnant but it sure sounds like it!! TEST DANGIT!!
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