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Re: cding newborn


It can be hard when they have those chicken legs that nothing snugs around. My son was only 5.13 when he came home at 9 days. I found the best defense against leaks was a good cover. If the preemie pf work try doubling them up. You can trifold one down the center of another. I wouldn't wake her up! If she's wet enough the dipe wakes her then change her. As long as she's sleeping let her sleep. If you can afford a few fitteds, like KL 0s fine, if not try not to stress. She will grow, everything will fit, then she'll grow some more and everything will be too small. What other dipes do you have? Maybe we know some tricks, like crossing over the tabs/wings.

What issues are you having with ds's?

Try to just enjoy your babes. A little time in sposies isN'T the end of the world, even if it feels like it.
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