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wow i hope i have it all do i ??

This is my second baby but first to be in cloth we are due in about 6 weeks and i have got so much for cloth diapering i should not have to buy anything for a while LOL , I have enough things in till she hits 30lbs and if she is anything like my first daughter who is small and she is almost 4 and weight 30lbs so this my be all i need, in till we get in to potty traning I started buying when we were about 4 months along to buy as we had the money and all that good stuff so i wont have to worrie about no money need diapers for a while ( i hope) How have i done i have spent a little over $600 in cloth diapering and I was wondering if i did good or bad do i need anything else or am i ready to go for when miss little one gets here or anything else any one might want to add. Thanks so much for every ones support its a wonderful board here

here is my list )

Diaper pail

Diaper wipe slotions

75-Cloth wipes (that i made for that help with cost)

Pail deotrizers

A daiper rash cream

Allens loundry detergernt

2 wet bags

Diaper sprayer

Cloth diapering book (sinces i am new

2 wet begs for cloth diapering on the go

24 each of small and med Micofleece liners that i just cut up my self

24 small micofiber towels

50 med/large micofiber towles

3- Nb prowrap covers

3-Small prowrap covers

1- BSWW in a small

1- BSWW in a med.

30- chinesses prefolds

12-gerber prefolds

11-Toddler chinesses prefolds

8- small pocket diapers

24 Med. Pocket diapers

4 med all in ones

I think thats all wow glade i had 5 months to buy all this )
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