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Re: wow i hope i have it all do i ??

Originally Posted by redheadedangels
what sizes are those 30 chinese prefolds? You'll probably need 2 or 3 dozen newborn ones if your babies are smallish. And then a couple dozen infant size too. Looks like you are gonna do pockets mostly (??) for the medium size but if not you will also need some premium size prefolds and you need more covers too. May need more newborn and small covers as well. Are you gonna do any fitteds? Do you have some snappis or pins?

what do you plan to use the gerber prefolds for? I've never tried them but alot of mamas here say they are not very absorbant.

Good luck with your new baby!
My first baby was 8lbs 3oz so the 30 prefolds are infant sizes they gerber prefolds were the first ones i bought before i found this board and befor i found out they were no good (
I would like to do mostly pockets and i was going wait and see how she grows to see if i need large ones or not the meds go from 15/25lbs and my first daughter when i potty trained her she was about 25 or so lbs.
What i was thinking of doing is doing the covers and prefolds when she is first born, when she hits 15lbs i will switch to pockets for her what was my idea hope it works LOL and then see how she grow to see when i need large or traning pants.
No snappes or pins i was just going to do tri fold and lay in the pro wrap
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