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Wool woes

My oh my! It was wool washing day. No prob. First I decided to repair a little hole in a recycled soaker and add a drawstring. No problem, unless you have a 15 month old trying to help! OK, after a 5 min project taking a half hour almost, time to wash. The kitchen sink is full, so I grab my roaster and head to the bathtub. Along trails my help and manages to climb in the tub herself. Well, not a problem, until she sits in my roaster as I'm scrubbing a wrap. GFully clothed baby in the wool. Of course she's trailing yarn (from drawstring I just got done) along with her from the living room to the bathroom. Through this, daddy comes home (means it's been an hour since I started this little project) Melt lanolin in microwave with cup of water. Kid throws fit saying "yum yum yum" Stop to feed kid, remelt lanolin and finally get it in pot. 15 min project=1 hour and 15 mins!

The worst part is that I've still got a wrap and shorties lost somewhere.
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