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Relactation. Have you done it? Know somebody? Tell me about it.

I can't get it out of my mind and have been thinking about it for a little over a month. Seth we are pretty sure is on the road to having asthma and I wonder if it would help him. He is a different child than my first entirely so I don't worry about the problems I had with him and I know he does not have galactosemia like the second.

I do however worry about:

-If I would be able to do it since I never had anything to begin with. No heaviness, tingles, leaking milk, engorgement, nothing. Up until the point I got sick in the hospital (2nd night there) I nursed then he got a bottle until I got better. After I got better, its like my boobs had gone down to slightly smaller than before I got pregnant and he just wouldn't latch. Like I said, there was never signs of anything there.

-Time I would have to invest in it. I constantly run now. I can't sit at home with no bra on and pump and nurse all day. I leave this house 4 times most days and at least twice. These trips are ones I have to go on, though they are not long. I also wonder if it would take too much time from my other two, I am the only present parent at the moment. I can't afford a hospital pump but do have a PIS available.

Even knowing all this and thinking about it, the thought will not leave my mind so I want to put it to rest either way finally.

No opinions please, just searching for facts and information. I am googling but finding very little first hand experience.
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