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Re: Is it wrong to cd my daycare child?

Originally Posted by TwinKristi
Lindsay & Lisa- LMBO!! I watch an 18 month old little boy PT since mid-March and he has pooped here ONCE!! I am sooooooo glad it was only once because it was horrendous! This kid stunk up my WHOLE HOUSE and I almost threw up! I've seen some pretty ranky dipes in my time with FIVE BOYS but this topped the charts of nastiness. I actually thought about using CDs on Abe while he's here but after that nastiness... NO WAY JOSE!
Exactly! She poops every time and sometimes more than once. She will be 3 in early September and her poop stinks worse than any of my boys poopy diapers ever did, and boy can they stink!!!! Then my whole house stinks especially the room where she poops. I do gag every timeI change her or smell the air for atleast an hour afterwards, and if I were pregnant I know I'd be throwing up.

I wish her mom did CD and I could change her with her own cute girly fluff, now that would be fun!!! LOL.
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