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Financial Hardship Prayer Request

Hi Mamas,
My prayer requests aren't tragic or life-threatening, but they're still important to me, so I figured I'd put them out there for the other mamas like me who are praying vigilantly over this forum.

I'm officially out of work now. This is the first week of me not having a pay check and things are looking REALLY bleak.

DH desperately needs either
a) a new job
b) an offer letter (so he can get a raise at his current job) or
c) a raise "just because".

UPDATE: I had 3 SUB jobs this week! Yay! (They pay $80 a day!) I didn't get the nanny job though.

We paid $60 in tithe this week...the church requested $27 per person MORE than you had been giving...well were giving that was the best we could do. It literally came from money set aside for bills. I'm faithful that every bit we can give will be rewarded.

We've cut the rest of the bills as much as we can & as it looks we're going to run out of money soon.


DH is e-mailing back & forth w/ a company in Ohio about a job making $44 an hour. That's over $90,000 a year! (double what he makes now)

PLEASE pray for this situation.

He also got a call today about a job he applied to this morning that would be at least $70,000 a year. He could interview for that as soon as Friday.

Please pray for that one too!

I only got 1 full day assignment & 1 half day assignment this week. We put my college loan under forbearance & dropped DH's 401K payment from 5% to 1%.

DH got an interview TODAY for that job! Amazing!


I'm 34 weeks pregnant and of course want a natural/intervention free birth. I'm trying not to stress too much over it, but it's hard.

Thanks Mamas!
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