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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Is it wrong to cd my daycare child?

lindsay i'm with you and the other posters on here! i've babysat two different times...the first time was a 3 or 4 month old and his poops were THE WORST!!! i'm positive it had to do with his diet...yes believe it or not. they "couldn't" afford formula and didn't like the WIC office so instead of pumping breast milk at work they put the poor child on whole milk and mixed in infant cereal until it was a gelatinous mess and then cut a huge hold in his bottle nipple. i was BF'ing my son at the time and was on WIC, but i still rec'd formula "just in case" so i gave him that while he was at my house (and no, i didn't ask the mother...sorry but it was for the pure safety of the child). anyhow his poos were horrendous, one time i actually did vomit they were so bad. and he always so filthy and everything. anyhow the second time was with a 12 month old and his were just as bad, sometimes there would just be a little rabbit turd and it would stink up my entire house! it was disgusting. both children also always had diaper rash. and the older boy arrived at my house at 5am as well as the pp, never changed. so if i would forget (you would think a person would change their child before dropping them off) he would leak all over our stuff. and they bought the cheapest sposie's out there so he always leaked. we ended up having to throw out our pack n play b/c i couldn't get his pee, poop, and drool stink out of it.
so no, i don't think i personally would want another child pooping in my brand new dipes i bought for my babe. but i agree with another poster on here that said maybe you could ask her to use some of the money she's saved to purchase enough cd for your house.
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