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Re: Placenta Encapsulation

Originally Posted by ReiSapphireJade View Post
I did it with my son. I actually steamed it, cut it up, and baked/dehydrated it myself. Then I ground it up in a coffee grinder and scooped it into pills. It made 100 exactly! (Immediately after his birth we cut off a quarter sized chunk and made a smoothie.)

I also had no PPD this time around, after suffering from a severe case with DD2. I also used it to increase milk production and my post-partum bleeding was very short-lived and light.

ETA: Throughout my whole pregnancy the thought of eating the placenta raw made me feel ill. I also was 100% sure I did not want to touch the dang thing and would pay someone else to encapsulate it for me. Honestly, after my son was born for some reason I wasn't grossed out anymore and I just went ahead and did everything myself. Having the placenta in a smoothie, you couldn't even tell it was in there. I was just thinking, hey people eat raw fish or cut up raw meat to cook! How is this any different?
I am so sorry..but the thought of placenta smoothie really makes me want t vomit..... no offense meant to you. But BLAH!!

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