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Re: Is it wrong to cd my daycare child?

Some of these stories are funny and some just plain gross.

This little girl arrives promptly at 6am clean, dressed, hair done and ready to start the day. Never in a dirty diaper, never in pajamas and never smelly. She is at my home for 13 hours a day (so all 3 meals) so her diet is now the same as ours. Her poop is not smelly, honestly I have to check to know she has even gone and until Friday she only went once in the morning, right before breakfast. I was thinking I would just leave her in her sposie until she had her morning poo and then pop her into cloth for the remainder of the day and then send her home in a fresh sposie. She is not a super soaker so I am not worried about leaking and she doesn't fuss at all during changes so I am not worried about her lashing around while I try to pop on a cd. I would think she would be a breeze in them actually. The larges I have for Lilly were a few I got in lots when I bought smaller sizes and none of which I am crazy about. I mean they are good dipes just to gender neutral for my taste.

I'm going to run it by mom and see what she has to say. I can't see why she would be against it but then again some folks might be leary about it (my brother flipped at the idea). I just hate to see the poor girl with a rash and jumping shen a wipe touches her bum. I think either way I will use cloth wipes as that is all I ever used on my dd.
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