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Re: Anyone else have this problem?

Originally Posted by Mom2two
I have a similar problem, but both of my kids have very big thighs. They are skinny little kids (like my dd is 90% for height and less than 20% for weight), but they just carry all of their weight in their thighs. My ds has a 16 inch waist and 12 inch thighs, it's hard to get diapers that are big enough to fit over the legs, but small enough to fit around his waist, and yet still have a high enough rise to cover everything they need to cover. I have had good luck with VB AIO medium long size, if that helps.
Oh wow, my son has the same measurements. It is very difficult to find diapers that fit. I have gone to the kind without fasteners if I use fitteds so that I can adjust them more to fit him. Otherwise, I tend to use BSWW with prefolds, seem to give us the best fit. I also really like tootle shells.
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