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Re: considering pumping exclusively

I exclusively pumped for my 2los, I am still pumping for my second ds. We just never got the hang of breastfeeding. After I built up my supply, I began pumping 4 times a day morning, noon, dinner time and bedtime. I was able to keep my supply up and have plenty to store. With my 1st I was able to quit at 9 months and feed him stored milk until a year. I'm a high producer...everyone is different.

This is a very time consuming and rough road, at least for me. I feel constantly tied to my pump, ahh. I have wanted to quit many of times but hung in there. I have found that using a hands free pumping bra like Easy Expressions, help me through it so that I could eat/go on the internet/read/drive and not just sit and pump.

It's great for your baby, hang in there!
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