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Re: considering pumping exclusively

I have been exclusively pumping for almost 6 months now for ds. Everyday I wish so bad that ds would just latch on. He never learned to latch because he has severe reflux and couldn't get into a comfortable position that didn't cause him pain. It is so much work, I have days where I just want to cry. It's hard for me, I guess, because I do it about 8 times a day, have another ds who is 2, really have no help from anyone since we are military and live away from familiy, have a dh who works a ton, having ds with the reflux that is a very high needs baby, he cries a lot all day and won't stay in a swing, carrier, or anything for more than 10 minutes at a time-he always wants to be upright being held. Then there is the extra work from washing the pump parts and bottles. Then to exclusively pump you would need a hospital grade pump, which gets costly. My supply is decresing because I am so exhausted and if I got the time back that goes towards pumping each day, I may be able to get more than 4 hours a sleep a day and may be able to eat more than I do, which would help my supply. I guess for me, it's just hard because we have so much going on-but the nice thing with pumping is I get to take a break and be on here! It is def doable, it just depends on your situation. IT is very trying at times, but for me, I got to see how sick the formula made him and that keeps me going, and I will keep on pumping! Good luck mama and whatever you choose, mama's milk no matter how lo gets it, is an amazing gift that you can give your baby! Just do what you feel may work best!
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