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Re: considering pumping exclusively

Another thing, depending on your supply-I am attached to my pump. Unless we have some donor milk in the freezer, which we try to avoid, I can't leave my baby even with dh for no more than 2 hours. My pump will never be my baby and I think it can never get the supply that I need. When I try to work with ds to latch, I feel my milk "come in" when he tries to latch, but with my pump it takes so much longer to get that feeling and isn't as strong. I have an adapter for the car for my pump, and it has a batterty on it, so if we go anywhere, dh always drives while I pump. Have you seen a LC that could maybe help with tips to make nursing easier for you? I would love to ditch my pump and would really consider trying to avoid exclusively pumping if you can. Maybe if our family didn;t have all that we have going on, pumpping would be easier, but for me and my current situation, I wish ds would just nurse!
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