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Re: considering pumping exclusively

pumping is HARD WORK. seriously, 8 weeks is when you are just getting used to bf'ing. you don't have to be graceful, really.

and yes, he will take a bottle faster than the breast b/c it flows faster (even the slow flow ones).

if you want to know how much he's getting (as long as baby is growing and happy that never concerned me), then buy a baby scale and weigh him before and after a feeding. seriously, i would rather weigh my baby before and after each and every time rather than pump...its seriously that much more work.

you will never be able to pump more than a baby doesnt work that way. you can pump after he eats, etc. etc. but i woudl recommend spending some time on and dealing with your fears before offering more can be setting yourself up for nipple confusion, dropped supply, and a host of other problems.

i bf b/c of the health benefits, but i cant imagine bf'ing and pumping as a choice. i would do it if i had to, but it has to be the worst of both worlds (not being able to leave the pump, having to clean everything, etc.etc.).

Also, your baby gets a lot of benefits from bf'ing that don't come with pumping (the whole transfer of germs through bm back to the mom from the baby, which helps the mom produce anitibodies).

anyway, good luck. i hope you are able to address your fears and bf as long as you want. Grace will come in time.
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