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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

Never too late! i started to carry my DD at about 3 months and shes been on my hip or back ever since. She will be 4 in august and is aobut 35 pounds. She LOVES it!
We started out wit the Maya. I LOVED it! It was agreat up until aobut 5 months ago. It started to dig into the back of her knees a little bit and i couldnt quite master the back carry. So i go tthe Ergo and LOVE it!!!! DD prefers to be on my back and so this is great! If she was smaller i could do the front carry and hip carry in the Ergo also.
I have used the Native and it was a horrible experience for us, i will never use it again. I also have the Over The Shoudler Baby Holder. Its nbot that bad but its hard to do things around the house wihtthe big padding. But i like the padding because somedays it feels great on my shoulders and DD like it. But i dont like that i cant adjust the support under her bum and back like i can in the Maya. So, if you can find a ring sling like the Maya but with more padding i think it would be a great option for you.
I havent used the Mei tai yet, i love my Ergo, super easy to do!
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