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Re: considering pumping exclusively

Originally Posted by apmomof4 View Post
you will never be able to pump more than a baby doesnt work that way.
Maybe I'm not reading this correctly but I have to disagree with that statement. I have 1400oz in my chest freezer right now because I have been able to pump more than my ds eats.

I have been EPing for 7 months. NOT by choice. DS had latch issues, weak suck (possibly due to me being diabetic), he was not gaining weight & at one point was losing, terrible silent reflux, was very sleepy from jaundice that we battled for more than a month, and I had a 16m old dd who also needed her mama. I fought hard to establish BFing with him for 10 weeks before making the decision to EP. After ebf dd for 14 months I would never recommend EPing as a choice.

At 8 weeks with dd, I'm pretty sure I wasn't feeling so graceful either. By the time she was around 3 months old, I nursed her in the middle of an outlet shopping center so gracefully shoppers didn't even know I was BFing her. Keep up the good work. As a mom who has done both-BFing is WAY easier than EPing!
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