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Re: considering pumping exclusively

Originally Posted by Katie&Owen'sMom View Post
Maybe I'm not reading this correctly but I have to disagree with that statement. I have 1400oz in my chest freezer right now because I have been able to pump more than my ds eats.

I have been EPing for 7 months. NOT by choice. DS had latch issues, weak suck (possibly due to me being diabetic), he was not gaining weight & at one point was losing, terrible silent reflux, was very sleepy from jaundice that we battled for more than a month, and I had a 16m old dd who also needed her mama. I fought hard to establish BFing with him for 10 weeks before making the decision to EP. After ebf dd for 14 months I would never recommend EPing as a choice.

At 8 weeks with dd, I'm pretty sure I wasn't feeling so graceful either. By the time she was around 3 months old, I nursed her in the middle of an outlet shopping center so gracefully shoppers didn't even know I was BFing her. Keep up the good work. As a mom who has done both-BFing is WAY easier than EPing!

what a great job you have done! i really aplaud pumping mothers b/c it really is very hard work.

i didnt mean that you cant pump more milk than your child eats....i only meant that a baby at the breast is the most efficient method of feeding..the baby will always get out more than a pump (presuming no medical issues, such as bad latch, thrush, etc. etc.).

of course you can pump (and most people can) after baby eats...otherwise none of us would have milk in our freezers.

sorry for the confusion re: what i meant.
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