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Re: considering pumping exclusively

I pump exclusively because my ds did not have a strong enough suck, or something, what ever the problem was he was not happy until I gave and and gave him a bottle. However, I have a close friend who chose to EP for her child. She felt like bfing was just not a good fit for her, and she was happy with the decision so she chose to do it with her 2nd child too. She also pumps 4 times a day (more in the 1st month or 2 to build a supply), and it works for her (and me!). It is what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes I like the fact that I spend 30 minutes 4 times a day with my pump and my dh can help feed/I go out without worrying...then there are some days when I feel like I want to drop-kick my pump out the window.

Do what is right for you, no matter what you do your child will get the best milk for him/her
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