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Re: What do you do when someone sells you a bad item?

I am so very sorry this has happened to you!

Oh this situation happened to me and I shyed away from online sites for almost a year! The item was completely misrepresented. Her comment was "I was told it was a ... when I bought it (she got it new in a box)." Her item was clearly marked as a different item, and she posted the site for the one I *thought* I was buying from her. Even when I sent the weblink for the actual item she sent as well as the item she advertised, still, it was my problem and she would not refund... even posted that I was trying to "rip her off" when I suggested a certain % discount to reflect the cost of her item used... anyway, she posted retalliatory feedback time and time again on mt feedback and in response on her feedback site.

It is not fair that someone would misrepresent an item to another mamma. I just make sure I am a better seller because of that situation.

After my experience, I'd tend to say go with your heart. Eventually, those who are dishonest will get what is coming to them.

Good luck...
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